PM Services

Some of our consulting services are presented in the following paragraphs. You can contact us to see your needs and how we can support you in anything related to the management of your projects.
Project management consulting. Analysis of current situation and objectives. Development of methodology and appropriate project management procedures, taking into account the international best practices as expressed by the Project Management organizations. Application of procedures in information systems (MS Project, Primavera, connection with SAP etc) as needed.

Project Management coaching. With this service - which can be combined with training - we can support anyone who wants to put into practice the most effective management of a project they have undertaken. Through a number of meetings, we advise in practice for the best possible application of project management tools and techniques.

Project Management Office (PMO) Development. The most efficient way to set up, organize and start a Project Management Office is proposed. A detailed description of the responsibilities of the PMO is being prepared in combination with the respective procedures, tools, forms, etc.

Project Quality Management. Development of procedures and Quality Manual. Project quality indicators, checklists, controls and inspections. Project Quality Plan Development etc.

Project Risk Management. Development of Risk Management processes. Support in the phase of identification, analysis, design of preventive / corrective measures. Monitoring, evaluation and improvement of the process. Use of commercial risk management tools.

Proposal Support. Prepare the section related to Project Management for submitting proposals in tenders. Complete preparation of business plan, submission of proposals and monitoring of projects.

Select a Project Manager. We undertake the entire process, from the publication of the advertisement to the proposed list of candidates, or we assist with specialized examinations of knowledge and experience in Project Management among the pre-selected candidates.