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Προετοιμασία και εξετάσεις Change Management Foundation2, 4, 7, 9, 11 Οκτωβρίου 2023 (4 απογεύματα 18:00 - 21:15, 1 Σάββατο 09:00 – 16:30)24Online, ζωντανά μέσω zoom
Προετοιμασία και εξετάσεις Change Management Foundation5, 12, 29 Νοεμβρίου 2021 (3 ημέρες, 09:00 – 16:30)24Online μέσω zoom ή και σε τάξη (ανάλογα με τις συνθήκες)
Προετοιμασία και εξετάσεις Change Management Foundation8, 10, 15, 17, 23, 25 Ιουνίου (6 απογεύματα 18:00 – 21:15)24Online μέσω zoom ή και σε τάξη (ανάλογα με τις συνθήκες)

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The seminar is attended online, includes synchronous and asynchronous training, while the exams can be taken at your computer on the day and time that suits you!

Certified Training!

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Seminar and Examination Description

Managing Change , and even more so the impact of change, is one of the most important priorities for all Organizations - especially in times of uncertainty.

APMG , one of the largest international accreditation and professional examination organizations in the world, based in Great Britain, has developed a Change Management Certification in collaboration with Change Management Institute , an independent, global organization of change managers.

The material of the certification covers the theory and practical application of change management, including:
  • Change and the individual
  • Change and the organization
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Change practice

As APMG's Accredited Training Organization , Critical Path organizes both the preparation seminar and the Change Management Foundation certification exam , which is given during the seminar: the aim of the examination is to show the candidate that he / she understands the concepts, terms, principles, models, approaches and roles of Change Management. The exam lasts 40 minutes and consists of 50 multiple choice questions, with a pass mark of 25 questions (50%).

Seminar Benefits

After attending the seminar, participants will:

  • understand how people are affected by change and will be able to develop strategies to help them with change.
  • be aware of how organizations work, culture, models and processes of change.
  • understand the causes of change, the governance structures of change commonly used by organizations, and how to define a change vision.
  • know about the stakeholder engagement process and the development of appropriate communication strategies and plans.
  • be able to evaluate the impact of change on organizations, and the creation and maintenance of the will to change.
  • understand the importance of defined roles in relation to change, and how to build and support an effective change team.
  • understand the project environment in which change is implemented and controlled.
  • have been trained with the appropriate tests and exercises and will be ready to take and pass the Change Management Foundation exams!

Yiannis Vithynos , Electrical Engineer from NTUA, MSc. He has many years of work experience in the Management of complex telecommunications and IT projects in Greece and the Balkans. He is the founder of Critical Path Consulting & Training, a company that deals exclusively with Project Management.
He is certified Project Manager Professional (PMP)® and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, has the certifications PRINCE2 and IPMA-D, while also holding the Advanced Project Management Certification (APMC).
He was a member of the 1st elected Board of Directors of the Greek branch of PMI, while he was also a member of the organizing committee of the 1st Project Management Conference in Athens in November 2006. He is also a member of the Hellenic Member Association of IPMA and a project evaluator for IPMA World Project Excellence Award.

Target Audience

The seminar is aimed at those involved in organizational change , including those who are or aspire to become Change Managers . It is also aimed at those involved in the design, development and implementation of change programs, including change leaders, change “agents”, Business Change Managers, Program / Project Managers, change support , etc. p>

  • The Change Management Context
  • Change and the Individual (Change Curve, Endings – Beginnings, Motivation, Survival and Learning Anxieties, “types” of people…)
  • Change and the Organization (Metaphors, Lewin’s, Senge’s and Kotter’s Models, Change Roles/Agents, Culture, Emergent Change, Complex Systems…)
  • Stakeholder Strategy (Identification, Segmentation, Mapping, Management and Mobilization…) Communication and Engagement (Cognitive Bias, Communicating Change, Symbolic Systems, Best Practcie Guidelines, Channels, Communication Planning…)
  • Change Impact (Mc-Kinsey 7-S…)
  • Change Readiness. The Change Team
  • Effective Teams and Team Development
  • Preparing for Resistance (Types of Resistance, Psychological Contract, Change Planning…)
  • Defining What is to be Learned
  • Project Management – Change Initiatives, Projects and Programmes (Methodologies, Roles, Change Delivery Plans…)
  • Sustaining Change. Change Levers. Levels of Adoption
  • Reinforcing Systems
  • Foundation level examination– 40 minutes.
Material and Training Method

The training material includes the official version of APMG: "The Effective Change Manager's Handbook" . PMBOK Guide front cover

In addition, complete notes are given along with exercises and support material in order to prepare for the exams as effectively as possible.

The seminar is very practical, the language of instruction is Greek, while all educational material, books and the exam are in English.