21-Dec-2020: New format for the PMP examination!more...
17-Nov-2020: Our seminars schedule for January - February 2021 has been announced.more...
04-Nov-2020: Our first seminar on the new PMP exam starts on December 1st with material and exercises from PMI!more...
15-Oct-2020: Masterclass " Project Quality Management with a PM2 twist"more...
10-Oct-2020: Critical Path becomes Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI)!more...
25-Aug-2020: Presentation at the Virtual Experience Series (VES) of PMI!more...

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Read the latest news from our activities and from the field of project management in general!

2024-01-28: Critical Path is a sponsor of the Yearly PMI Greece Chapter Congress.

Critical Path was a sponsor of the Yearly PMI Greece Chapter Congress that took place on Sunday 28 January 2024 in the premises of the Vassilis and Eliza Goulandri Foundation in Athens.

The Conference was entitled Project Management Crossroads. There were speeches, presentations and panel discussions on broad topics that concern the community of Project Managers and various sectors of the economy in both the Public and Private sectors.

2023-07-29: Training based on the new 7th edition of PRINCE2!

From November 2023, Critical Path will be offering training based on the 7th edition of PRINCE2 that was just announced by PeopleCert.

At the end of July 2023 PeopleCert announced the 7th edition of the PRINCE2 project management method! The previous version was in effect from 2017. The material and exams for the new version of the certification will be available from September 2023. The last Critical Path seminar based on the current 6th edition will be in September 2023, and the first seminar based on the new edition will be in November 2023. Foundation and Practitioner level exams will be available by Q3 2024.

2023-01-23: Critical Path is sponsoring the PMI Greece Chapter's Conference.

Critical Path was a sponsor in the annual PMI Greece Chapter Project Management Conference that took place on Sunday 22 January 2023 in the Theocharakis Foundation premises in central Athens.

The Conference title was Decoding Project Management: a Road to Success. The theme of the event revolved around the approach of Project Management both from different angles and holistically in all its aspects.

2021-11-05: Presentation at the "PMI Greece Annual Project Management Conference 2021"

Yiannis Vithynos was a speaker at the Conference on Thursday 4 November, with topic: "Leading transition for improved benefits realization".

It has now begun to be understood by the wider community of corporate and project leaders that the goal of projects is not only to create the deliverables, but also the benefit that will lead to the creation of value for the organization.
In order for the project benefits to begin being realized in the most efficient and effective way, leaders must support not only the formal change, but mostly the substantial transition to the new situation that will be the result of the project.
A change can be made relatively easily: a project implemented according to its standard objectives can lead to the installation of new software, a new process or a new organization chart. But for the benefits to come from the new situation, there must be an effective transition to the new mode of operation!

2021-10-12: Start of lectures at the Postgraduate Program "Project Management & Product Development" at the University of Peiraeus!

Yiannis Vithynos will be the instructor of the lesson "Certification in Project Management - Agile Project Management" of the Postgraduate Studies Program "Industrial Management and Technology".

The specialization of «Project Management and Product Development» covers two contemporary and complimentary fields.
The specialization of Project Management deals with the methodology, tools and techniques of planning, execution and monitoring of a project while Product Development deals with the use of modern principles, methods, practices and advanced tools for the creation and introduction of new, innovative products.
The modern curriculum is focused on meeting the real needs of the labor market, on the one hand covering cognitive requirements in two extremely useful subjects, on the other hand combining them in order to offer added value to the trainee.

2021-09-20: "Robotic Process Automation in Project Management": participation as panelist

On Friday September 17, Yiannis Vithynos participated in the monthly event of the global PMI ChapterXchange event!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology that can be used by anyone for the automation of online activities.
It is a way to minimize the time lost for standard, repetitive tasks as they will be transferred to "machines" or "robots". It is essentially "task automation".
RPA is a technology that already exists and is being used: project managers need to understand how they can take advantage of this technology in their daily activities.
Gradually adding further features to RPA can lead to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence techniques in project management!

2021-05-28: Presentation at the ReGeneration Academy for Food Innovation.

This afternoon, Yiannis Vithynos talks about project management in the context of the training program ReGeneration Academy For Food Innovation.

For the second consecutive year, New Agriculture New Generation is hosting an innovative academy in collaboration with ReGeneration. The Academy offers young scientists up to 29 years of age the necessary tools and network to work in the Agrifood sector in Greece, in which there is an ever-increasing demand for personnel with specialized knowledge and skills.

The ReGeneration Academy for Food Innovation-Powered by New Agriculture New Generation & Elbisco aims to train young scientists and provide them with opportunities to meet market executives to build the necessary knowledge for employment in the industry.
The Academy’s program will last 45 hours, and will be virtually implemented over eight weeks.

2021-03-21: Our seminars schedule for the second quarter of 2021 has been announced.

See the dates and times of our new seminars posted on out site!

The program for the second quarter of 2021 has been announced and includes all our seminars and certifications: PMP, PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner, PMI-ACP, Project Management, Microsoft Project and Open Project Management Methodology.
There are also dates for Change Management seminars leading to Foundation and Practitioner level certifications.
As always, all our seminars are implemented live, interactively through the online zoom application, while all certification exams are done online.

2020-12-21: New format for the PMP examination!

For decades, the PMP certification exams consisted of 200 multiple choice questions that had to be answered in 4 hours. From January 2021 this will change!

The most important change in the exam has to do with the fact that the questions will not only be multiple choice with 4 options as now, but there will be a combination of multiple choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot and fill-in-the-blank! You can see more details about the exam changes in our article here.

2020-11-17: Our seminars schedule for January - February 2021 has been announced.

The dates and times of our new seminars have been posted on our site.

The new year's program starts on January 11th, and dates have already been announced for the new PMP 2021, for PRINCE 2 Foundation and Practitioner, for Project Management, as well as for the preparation for the agile certification PMI-ACP. All our seminars are implemented live, interactively through the online zoom application, while all certification exams are also taken online.